All France Shotokan Champion trained at JKA San Diego.

After training for 3 weeks at L.A. Central Dojo in August of 2004 with some of the U.S. National Team Members under Sensei H.Nishiyama, with a team from France led by sixth dan Sensei Tade Halcewicz. Roma Lafitte a fifth degree black belt, an all France Shotokan Champion decided to come back to the U.S. for further training with Sensei Kanani at J.K.A. San Diego in December of 2004. He enjoyed training so much and was so impressed that he is coming back this August.

On 6/18/2006 Sensei Kanani

On 6/18/2006 Sensei Kanani

On 6/18/2006 Sensei Kanani took an exam for his 6th degree black belt under Sensei H. Nishiyama at his Los Angeles Central Dojo (NKI). For the exam Sensei Kanani's presented his thesis The Relation between Pivoting and Complete Body Connection. The promotion makes Sensei Kanani one of the few top level students training regularly under Sensei Nishiyama since 1983. We are proud of our Sensei's accomplishment.

New Member from J.K.A. Germany

New Member from J.K.A. Germany

Along time student of Sensei Hido Ochi of J.K.A. Germany and the son of the president of J.K.A. Germany Marcus Hinschberger is a new member of J.K.A. San Diego advanced team. We welcome him to our dojo and we appreciate his enthusiasm and being one of the assistant instructors.

Iraqi Judo Federation

With more then 30 years of Judo experience as a coach, judge, and the chief examiner of Iraqi Judo Federation Mr. Waad J. Nasorie visited J.K.A. for training and sharing his knowledge in the art of Judo with us. The members of J.K.A. San Diego enjoyed very much as well as impressed with his skills in the art. At the end of the visit Mr.

French Team Training at JKA San Diego dojo

Some members of the top french team, headed by sensei Tade Halcewicz, sixth dan, took a special session at JKA San Diego dojo on August 7, 2004, with Sensei F. Kanani.

note: some of the top french team members are coming back in December for further training with Sensei Kanani in San Diego.

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