Sensei Kanani in New York 2012

Sensei F. Kanani teaches in New York the 2012 Fall/ Winter Karate Sessions

Sensei Kanani has taken on a task to share and help develope the AAKF North Atlantic Region and to bring them up to par on technical and traditional karate requirements. Seminars, tournaments and testing have been ongoing since the begining of this year and extended to a longer period for the Fall and Winter programs here in Southampton. So far it has been a great success and Sensei Kanani has worked with Sensei Helene Ely, the Chief Instructor of the region and the students. Sensei Ely is putting together programs to develope and improve competition training for individuals / teams under Sensei Kananis guidance. Other new karate programs for after school activities are also starting with the new season in several schools. The AAKF North Atlantic Region wants to extend their gratitude to Sensei Kanani and we are looking forward to training with him.

Contact Information

Email: Sensei Kanani

Phone: 631-353-1780

Hours: Saturday 9-10 am
Kids Southampton Youth Services Inc.

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