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Samar (Habibi) Samar (Summer) Kanani (1959-2009) In loving memory of my life long partner who has always been by my side. She has been my silent strength in the times of turmoil for over 30 years. At times, when I did not think this journey was worth continuing, it was she who pushed me. I have excelled because she encouraged me.

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Invitation To The Polish Olympic Committee Sensei Kanani’s second trip to Poland this year was very special and unique. It included private training and high level very important sports meeting that were highlighted by a very special invitation from the Polish Olympic Committee(P.I.O.C.). It included a tour of the facility which hosts top Polish National and Champion Athletes of all kinds of sports. After the tour Sensei

San Diego Marines Corp Recruit Depot June 11, 2010 - The Japan Karate Association of San Diego and it’s cheif instructor, Sensei Falah Kanani, were invited by the U.S. Marine Corps in San Diego to give a seminar/demo at their Martial Arts expo. They were very much pleased with the quality instruction and the performance that was given.

Friday, May 22, 2015

ATKF Seminar with Sensei Kanani in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington, December 13th to 15th, 2013

 The ATKF is the sole representative for the ITKF International Traditional Karate Federation and governing body for Traditional Karate for the International Olympic Committe IOC.

Sensei Kanani's upcoming ATKF National Seminar in
Portland Oregon / Vancouver Washington
December 13th to the 15th, 2013
The region once again is excited and looking forward to Sensei
Kanani's seminars.  Training topics will be focused on kihon with details,
kata with bunkai applications and kumite focused on strategies and footwork.



Japan Karate Association of San Diego

Sensei Kanani :: Master Seminar Southampton, NY

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We are dedicated to teach Dento Karate-Do (Traditional J.K.A Shotokan Karate) representing ITKF the international governing body of traditional karate and it's Chairman Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, Co-Founder of Japan KarateAssociation (J.K.A)

2014 ITKF International Summer Camp in New York


2013 AAKF US Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations to Sensei Falah Kanani and his New York team at the 2013 US Nationals!

At the 2013 US AAKF Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri team New York coached by Sensei Falah Kanani won silver medal in juniors black belt / elite division in kata/kumite by Mickey Brown, 9 years old, and also silver medal in man / man Enbu by Steven Duffey and Ernesto Rodriguez. Sensei Helene Ely and Ernesto Rodriguez placed fourth in woman / man Enbu which qualified all of the New York team to particpate in the Pan American Championship and the ITKF World Championship. Sensei Kanani recently located to New York and runs the JKA Hamptons / New York as a division of JKA San Diego International.

       2013 AAKF_Nationals

AAKF Master Seminar with Sensei Kanani April 19 -21, 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ucoming Seminar with Sensei Kanani  

2013 Portland OR Karate Seminar with Sensei Kanani

AAKF Master Seminar in Dallas, Texas

2012 AAKF Nationals in LA

AAKF Nationals in Los Angeles
June 14-17, 2012
This years AAKF 51st National Championship and seminar was held at the Loyola Maramount University in Los Angeles, CA Sensei Kanani was one of the leading instructors next to Sensei R. Fusaro and others. Sensei Kanani's topic this year was on accuracy and precision in execution of technique. This is not a usual topic and while he was demonstrating everybody started to realize and remember the importance of these very fine details and there relation to every single technique; Sensei emphasized the focus on thorough self checking.  Precicion and accuracy in execution of technique in Kata and Kumite was a great reminder to all of us and to the national competitors especially. The competition was on a highly technical level and a great success.

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