2013 AAKF US Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations to Sensei Falah Kanani and his New York team at the 2013 US Nationals!

At the 2013 US AAKF Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri team New York coached by Sensei Falah Kanani won silver medal in juniors black belt / elite division in kata/kumite by Mickey Brown, 9 years old, and also silver medal in man / man Enbu by Steven Duffey and Ernesto Rodriguez. Sensei Helene Ely and Ernesto Rodriguez placed fourth in woman / man Enbu which qualified all of the New York team to particpate in the Pan American Championship and the ITKF World Championship. Sensei Kanani recently located to New York and runs the JKA Hamptons / New York as a division of JKA San Diego International.

Contact Information

Email: Sensei Kanani

Phone: 631-353-1780

Hours: Saturday 9-10 am
Kids Southampton Youth Services Inc.

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Sensei Kanani

JKA San Diego

JKA Hamptons

Japan Karate Association of San Diego