New Member from J.K.A. Germany

Along time student of Sensei Hido Ochi of J.K.A. Germany and the son of the president of J.K.A. Germany Marcus Hinschberger is a new member of J.K.A. San Diego advanced team. We welcome him to our dojo and we appreciate his enthusiasm and being one of the assistant instructors.

Sensei Thade Halcewicz 6th Dan of France. and Marcus Hinschberger of Germany with Sensei Kanani in a special class for advanced black belts. July 2005

Contact Information

Email: Sensei Kanani

Phone: 631-353-1780

Hours: Saturday 9-10 am
Kids Southampton Youth Services Inc.

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Sensei Kanani

JKA San Diego

JKA Hamptons

Japan Karate Association of San Diego