Chicago/AAKF Great Lake Region Karate Seminar with Sensei Falah Kanani October 2011

Sensei Kanani has been a frequent visitor in Chicago. Sensei Jay Nacu and his wife Denise started hosting him about 8 years ago. The Enso dojo is exemplary and the images/stories/chicago article photo oct 2011.jpg{/rokbox}students were very attentive and eager to advance and study Sensei Kanani's teachings of body dynamics. The first seminar for advanced students included kata study for Bassei Dai and advanced kumite techniques. The second seminar was a general seminar with two parts, kata Heihan Nidan and applications and the second part kumite strategies. The seminars were well attended and received. Students and instructors from Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and New York attended. Sensei Kanani is one of Sensei Nishiyama's highest ranking disciples in the nation and the world and is one of the leading instructors of the AAKF. He strives for perfection of technique and his seminars were well appreciated. The sensei's and attendance were expressing their enjoyment and looking forward to continuing learning from him in the future.

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Email: Sensei Kanani

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Hours: Saturday 9-10 am
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