Sensei Kananis seminar in Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington, October 2011

Sensei Kanani returned from two very successful seminars in Portland Oregon, at the Intel Headquarters dojo, and the AAKF North Western Region,Vancouver Washington. The students of the Intel dojo met Sensei for the first time and were impressed with his knowledge and the depth of his explanations and demonstrations. Sensei Kanani covered basics, katas and kumite and explained the mental aspect, he elaborated on Ki energy and stable emotion and explained how it creates the connection to the physical aspects of training. He introduced them to total body action by relying on complete body connection and applying body dynamics (body vibration, rotation, shifting, body dropping and rising, pendulum action, muscle expansion and contraction), speed and timing with examples of corresponding techniques. The Intel dojo added another seminar on Sunday to go even deeper into the subjects and apply his teaching. The karate club also expressed there gratitude and honor to have an instructor of his caliber in their midst. Sensei's seminar in Washington also brought great excitement to the AAKF North Western Region and attracted high level instructors such as Sensei Robert Graves (8th Dan), Sensei Tim Hanlon (6th Dan), Sensei Fitzpatrick (5th Dan), Sensei John Leggett (4th Dan) and many students and high level instructors from Portland, Bend, Corvallis, Seattle, Vancouver, Sacramento and San Diego. Sensei was asked to return soon and left everyone with plenty of ideas and subjects to work on.

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