AAKF North Atlantic Region will host a seminars with Sensei Falah Kanani in the week of December 12th to 17th, 2011

On December 12th, 2011, a series of seminars, kata and kumite sessions will be taught by Sensei open to all levels. Sensei has been assisting Sensei Helene Ely, Regional Director of the AAKF North Atlantic Region to introduce the region and her dojo to his high standards of traditional karate. His experience and knowledge thru studying with Sensei Nishiyama for over 30 years is a great asset to them. Please visit their website for dates and times of the seminars.

Contact Information

Email: Sensei Kanani

Phone: 631-353-1780

Hours: Saturday 9-10 am
Kids Southampton Youth Services Inc.

Center Information

Sensei Kanani

JKA San Diego

JKA Hamptons

Japan Karate Association of San Diego