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Sensei Kanani in New York 2012

Sensei F. Kanani teaches in New York the 2012 Fall/ Winter Karate Sessions
Sensei Kanani has taken on a task to share and help develope the AAKF North Atlantic Region and to bring them up to par on technical and traditional karate requirements. Seminars, tournaments and testing have been ongoing since the begining of this year and extended to a longer period for the Fall and Winter programs here in Southampton. So far it has been a great success and Sensei Kanani has worked with Sensei Helene Ely, the Chief Instructor of the region and the students. Sensei Ely is putting together programs to develope and improve competition training for individuals /  teams under Sensei Kananis guidance. Other new karate programs for after school activities are also starting with the new season in several schools. The AAKF North Atlantic Region wants to extend their gratitude to Sensei Kanani and we are looking forward to training with him.
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2012 AAKF Nationals in LA

AAKF Nationals in Los Angeles
June 14-17, 2012
This years AAKF 51st National Championship and seminar was held at the Loyola Maramount University in Los Angeles, CA Sensei Kanani was one of the leading instructors next to Sensei R. Fusaro and others. Sensei Kanani's topic this year was on accuracy and precision in execution of technique. This is not a usual topic and while he was demonstrating everybody started to realize and remember the importance of these very fine details and there relation to every single technique; Sensei emphasized the focus on thorough self checking.  Precicion and accuracy in execution of technique in Kata and Kumite was a great reminder to all of us and to the national competitors especially. The competition was on a highly technical level and a great success.

Sensei Falah Kanani's Europe Trip 2012

Successful reunion and official meeting and training session withShirai Sensei
in Milan, Italy

March 18, 19 and 20, 2012

Sensei Falah Kanani met with Shirai Sensei in his ITKF Europe office.
They discussed AAKF and ITKF status and traditional shotokan karate in general.
There will be a future collaboration with Shirai Sensei's organization WSI on a personal level as well.
The future of karate looks bright with such a great karate master still very active
and interested in the propagation of Shotokan Karate. It was an honor for Sensei Kanani to meet and be invited
to a personal training session with Shirai Sensei and his top students in his private dojo.

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Europe - Austria's Karate Seminars
with Sensei Falah Kanani
Austria / Salzburg ( Saalfelden, Mittersill )
March 22 and 23rd, 2012

Sensei Falah Kanani was invited by Sensei Ivo Vukovic to conduct two traditional Karate Seminars in Austria, Salzburg in the City of Saalfelden and Mittersill. Sensei Kanani was asked to cover all basics and kata and kumite in detail for beginners and advanced levels.The instructor and the students enjoyed the details
of Sensei's instructions and asked Sensei to return to Austria as soon as possible for further instructions and collaboration. Sensei Kanani was assisted by the AAKF North Atlantic Regional director Sensei Helene Ely on this trip she also translated his intructions.

USA, Europe and Japan 2012


U. S. A., Europe ( Italy, Austria, Poland ) and JapanSensei Kanani's upcoming Event and Seminar Schedule 2012
European Events:

Austria, Saalfelden - March 21 & 22nd, 2012
Sensei Falah Kanani will be the guest intructor at the
Karateunion-Shotokan Pinzgau
Instructor: Ivo Vukovic, Lofererstraße 50, 5760 Saalfelden, E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Homepage: www.karate-pinzgau.at

Milan, Itlay - March 20th, 2012

Sensei Falah Kanani will be visiting with Shirai Sensei to discuss future collaboration and events in the USA and Europe.

Poland, to be announced

U. S. A. Events and Seminars:

Milwaukee, Wi - AAKF Spring Seminar April 27 and 28th, 2012
Hosted by Shotokan Karate Association WI and AAKF Great Lakes Region:
Friday, 4/27 and Saturday, 4/28 – 9 am to noon and 2 to 5 pm Sunday, 4/29 – 7:30 to 10 am
Bloechel Stadium, 2929 N 92 Str, Mount Mary College Campus Gym, Milwaukee, WI 53222

New York, Southampton - AAKF North Atlantic Regional Tournament May 19th, 2012,

New York , Southampton Seminar - May 18th, 2012
Contact: Helene Ely, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Los Angeles, Ca - AAKF National Tournament, June 13th to 16th, 2012

hosted by the AAKF Western Region, Contact: www.aakf.org

Portland, Oregon and Washington State
- October (date to be announced)

Japan, Tokyo Training and JKA Autumn Camp

September 2012 
Traing with Tanaka Sensei

AAKF North Atlantic Region will host a seminars with Sensei Falah Kanani in the week of December 12th to 17th, 2011

On December 12th, 2011, a series of seminars, kata and kumite sessions will be taught by Sensei open to all levels. Sensei has been assisting Sensei Helene Ely, Regional Director of the AAKF North Atlantic Region to introduce the region and her dojo to his high standards of traditional karate. His experience and knowledge thru studying with Sensei Nishiyama for over 30 years is a great asset to them. Please visit their website for dates and times of the seminars. www.nystki.com

Sensei Falah Kanani's upcoming Seminar in Los Angeles

AAKF Western Region Seminar and Dan Examination with Sensei Falah Kanani December 11, 2011

On December 11, 2011 the AAKF Western Region will hold its annual Seminar and Dan Examination for the regions club members at the National Karate Institute ( NKI ), Los Angeles CA. This years seminar will be taught by Sensei Falah Kanani, 6th Dan of JKA San Diego, and Sensei Avi Rokah, of Los Angeles. Both instructors will be teaching kumite. Please click on read more for the inviation from Ron Vance, Director of the the AAKF Western Region for the seminar information and location.


AAKF Masters Seminar with Sensei Kanani November 12 and 13 in Southampton New York

Masters Seminar with Sensei Kanani

November 12 and 13 in Southampton New York

Sensei Kanani will be one of the Master instructors at the annual AAKF Masters Seminar, November 12 and 13, 2011 in Southampton New York. Please join us and experience the true teaching and training methods of Sensei Nishiyama. See our attached flyer for details and contact the North Atlantic Regional Director for more information.


Sensei Kananis seminar in Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington, October 2011

Sensei Kanani returned from two very successful seminars in Portland Oregon, at the Intel Headquarters dojo, and the AAKF North Western Region,Vancouver Washington. The students of the Intel dojo met Sensei for the first time and were impressed with his knowledge and the depth of his explanations and demonstrations. Sensei Kanani covered basics, katas and kumite and explained the mental aspect, he elaborated on Ki energy and stable emotion and explained how it creates the connection to the physical aspects of training. He introduced them to total body action by relying on complete body connection and applying body dynamics (body vibration, rotation, shifting, body dropping and rising, pendulum action, muscle expansion and contraction), speed and timing with examples of corresponding techniques. The Intel dojo added another seminar on Sunday to go even deeper into the subjects and apply his teaching. The karate club also expressed there gratitude and honor to have an instructor of his caliber in their midst. Sensei’s seminar in Washington also brought great excitement to the AAKF North Western Region and attracted high level instructors such as Sensei Robert Graves (8th Dan), Sensei Tim Hanlon (6th Dan),  Sensei Fitzpatrick (5th Dan), Sensei John Leggett (4th Dan) and many students and high level instructors from Portland, Bend, Corvallis, Seattle, Vancouver, Sacramento and San Diego. Sensei was asked to return soon and left everyone with plenty of ideas and subjects to work on.

 Sensei Kananis Seminar ::  Portland Oregon, Vancouver Washington, October 2011

Chicago/AAKF Great Lake Region Karate Seminar with Sensei Falah Kanani October 2011

Sensei Kanani has been a frequent visitor in Chicago. Sensei Jay Nacu and his wife Denise started hosting him about 8 years ago. The Enso dojo is exemplary and the images/stories/chicago article photo oct 2011.jpg{/rokbox}students were very attentive and eager to advance and study Sensei Kanani’s teachings of body dynamics. The first seminar for advanced students included kata study for Bassei Dai and advanced kumite techniques. The second seminar was a general seminar with two parts,  kata Heihan Nidan and applications and the second part kumite strategies.  The seminars were well attended and received. Students and instructors from Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and New York attended. Sensei Kanani is one of Sensei Nishiyama’s highest ranking disciples in the nation and the world and is one of the leading instructors of the AAKF. He strives for perfection of technique and his seminars were well appreciated. The sensei’s and attendance were expressing their enjoyment and looking forward to continuing learning from him in the future.

Chicago/AAKF :: Great Lake Region Karate Seminar

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