Tuesday, June 15, 2021

2012 AAKF Nationals in LA

AAKF Nationals in Los Angeles
June 14-17, 2012
This years AAKF 51st National Championship and seminar was held at the Loyola Maramount University in Los Angeles, CA Sensei Kanani was one of the leading instructors next to Sensei R. Fusaro and others. Sensei Kanani's topic this year was on accuracy and precision in execution of technique. This is not a usual topic and while he was demonstrating everybody started to realize and remember the importance of these very fine details and there relation to every single technique; Sensei emphasized the focus on thorough self checking.  Precicion and accuracy in execution of technique in Kata and Kumite was a great reminder to all of us and to the national competitors especially. The competition was on a highly technical level and a great success.

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