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F. Kanani and M. Tanaka Senseis Reunion in Copenhagen Denmark 2016

2015 Copenhagen Denmark 

F. Kanani and M. Tanaka Senseis Reunion

40th Anniversary of M. Tanaka Sensei visiting and instructing in Denmark

In November of 2015 F. Kanani Sensei traveled to Denmark Europe to honor a special invitation to train and to reunite with the legendary Masahiko Tanaka Sensei. 

Kanani Sensei was honored and overjoyed of the warm welcome that both the people of Denmark as well as Tanaka Sensei offered. 

The four day special training and instructors camp was excellent as expected and F. Kanani Sensei is looking forward to further colobarations in the near future with Tanaka Sensei. 

2015 New York ATKF International Summer Camp


2015 New York ATKF International Summer Camp in Shelter Island, New York

2015 ATKF Nationals / Goodwill Tournament

JKA Hamptons New York  / JKA San Diego International  and Chief Instructor Falah Kanani are hosting this years  2015 New York  ATKF International Summer Camp.   The camp will be held at Camp Quinipet in the beautiful Hamptons / Shelter Island, New York.

This yearís camp is open to all traditional karate styles and all ages. You all are cordially invited to join us in this four day camp of true traditional karate as taught by the Sensei of the Senseiís of all the Shotokan World: H. Nishiyama Sensei. The lead instructor of the camp will be the world renowned instructor, Sensei F. Kanani, a lifetime student of Nishiyama Sensei and a world-class international instructor. Furthermore we will have a fantastic team of guest instructors such as Sensei Antonio Walger from Brazil, Bejar Fuzliu from Kosovo / Philadelphia and JKA San Diego's Head Instructor Sensei Sidney Dobbin from Brazil. The camp will be held Friday August 28th to Monday August 31st, 2015 with our ATKF Nationals / Goodwill International Tournament. The camp fees are $ 399 for 4 days, 3 nights including all seminars, camp accommodation (beds) and meals. You will need your own transportation such as flight, airport pick up and ferry rides. The tournament fee will be $ 50 per event. 

Lead Intructor

Falah Kanani, 6th Dan, USA

Guest Instructors

Antonio Walger, 6th Dan, Brazil

Bejar Fuzliu, 6th Dan, Kosovo / USA

Sidney Dobbin, 4th Dan, Brazil




Contact and more information: ( camp schedule and training topics )

No  affiliations to any organization are needed just the interest in continuing and studying the true way of Nishiyama Senseis traditional karate teachings. Kumite, kata and basic training as he taught it.

Don't miss this opportunity to train on the beautiful Shelter Island in the world famous Hamptons, New York. The deadline for the registration will be June 30th, 2015.


Upcoming Sensei F. Kanani San Diego California June / July 2015

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2014 ITKF International Summer Camp in New York


ATKF Seminar with Sensei Kanani in Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington, December 13th to 15th, 2013

 The ATKF is the sole representative for the ITKF International Traditional Karate Federation and governing body for Traditional Karate for the International Olympic Committe IOC.

Sensei Kanani's upcoming ATKF National Seminar in
Portland Oregon / Vancouver Washington
December 13th to the 15th, 2013
The region once again is excited and looking forward to Sensei
Kanani's seminars.  Training topics will be focused on kihon with details,
kata with bunkai applications and kumite focused on strategies and footwork.



2013 AAKF US Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations to Sensei Falah Kanani and his New York team at the 2013 US Nationals!

At the 2013 US AAKF Nationals in St. Louis, Missouri team New York coached by Sensei Falah Kanani won silver medal in juniors black belt / elite division in kata/kumite by Mickey Brown, 9 years old, and also silver medal in man / man Enbu by Steven Duffey and Ernesto Rodriguez. Sensei Helene Ely and Ernesto Rodriguez placed fourth in woman / man Enbu which qualified all of the New York team to particpate in the Pan American Championship and the ITKF World Championship. Sensei Kanani recently located to New York and runs the JKA Hamptons / New York as a division of JKA San Diego International.

       2013 AAKF_Nationals

AAKF Master Seminar with Sensei Kanani April 19 -21, 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ucoming Seminar with Sensei Kanani  

2013 Portland OR Karate Seminar with Sensei Kanani

AAKF Master Seminar in Dallas, Texas

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