Thursday, December 02, 2021

Samar (Summer) Kanani (1959-2009)

samar4sIn loving memory of my life long partner who has always been by my side. She has been my silent strength in the times of turmoil for over 30 years. At times, when I did not think this journey was worth continuing, it was she who pushed me. I have excelled because she encouraged me. I have learned so much from her, even when she was silent and said nothing.

She possessed an inner strength which she has passed on to me through the years. In all of life’s journeys there are those who are always seen. And there are those who work tirelessly, diligently, and effortlessly without ever complaining. Samar was this person behind the scenes who never complained or demanded anything in return. This was how Samar proudly conducted business as the norm.

Samar is the person I owe a great debt which I can never repay. She was always the “Silent Storm” that was behind the “Tsunami”. Samar will always be remembered as the “Main Person” behind the scenes. She always made sure that the show went on. It will be difficult to go on without her but, we know by going on, is the way she would have wanted it. Samar was a loving wife, a caring mother, a great sister and a supportive genuine friend. Anyone who met her knew she was someone special.

Samar you will be deeply missed, loved, and remembered forever. Thank you for the times we shared together. Thank you for the moments you turned into precious memories that we will carry for the rest of our lives.

Your Habibi forever and ever and ever,
Your Soulmate,

"You will always be in our hearts"

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