Traditional Karate

tradition nishiyama

Traditional Karate is a beautiful, ancient, weaponless art of self defense. It is based on using the body as a whole (synchronization of breath, muscle contraction and relaxation, and body dynamics), rather than relying on the muscular strength of the arms and legs.

In application, Strategy and timing, combined with flowing mind and strong spirit, are important. You will learn sense and follow the opponent, eventually controlling him, and to use the open space in his actions rather than resisting his movements.

In the practice of karate, the mind and the body are inseparable: they harmonize with each other. The practitioner develops self confidence, stable emotions and clear judgment so the body will respond naturally under the circumstances.

By using all the tools that traditional karate gives, the size of the opponent becomes irrelevant. Karate can therefore be learned by anyone, regardless of age and physical strength.

Through Karate one "unlearns" bad habits accumulated through modern, daily life. These include: movement, posture, breathing, as well as mental and psychological obstacles.